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Curiously excellent filament

Tolerances of only ±0.03mm; consistent melting temperatures; minimal moisture absorption; and vibrant colours help make our filament some of the finest you'll ever use.

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Why buy from 3DEX?

3D printer filament can vary considerably. The defference between a poor quality filament and a high quality filament will be significant. 3DEX specialises in supplying high quality 3D printer filament at a reasonable price and, therefore, our filament can ensure you a good print. 3DEX filament benefits from low diameter tolerances, consistent melting temperatures, low moisture absorption and good adhesion.

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Are you struggling to find inspiration for your next print? Luckily we have written a quick guide that may help you to locate a 3D design that you want to print. We shall be updating this guide regularly with new information. Take a look at it by using the button below.

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Unparalleled Service

3DEX is run by 3D printer hobbyists meaning we are on the same wavelength as you. We know what we are talking about thus giving us confidence that we can provide an unparalleled service to you. In fact, we usually print something everyday - take a look at a recent print of ours: