Designing Service

Thanks to having a team of experienced designers - who have been publishing their own designs with huge success - we can offer a Computer Aided Design (CAD) service. Tell us what you want and will then build you a file that can be 3D printed. Once done we can also handling all of the 3D printing for you (see below).

Turbo Fan Wheel printed by 3DEX

Anything to Everything

Here at 3DEX we have the capabilities to design and print whatever you want. The possibilities are endless when using a powerful CAD package and at 3DEX we have the best. Tell us what you need designing and provide us with as many details as possible and we can take care of the rest.

We frequently are employed to design and print models of building for property developers and estate agents. We can also help to develop and prototype products for you.

Our design service starts from £50

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3D Printing Service

We can 3D print your designs on our state of the art 3D printers. Whether you need something designed or you have just seen a 3D printable file on the internet we can handle this for you. We have an extensive range of different meterials that we can offer you and can finish the print in a number of ways that will ensure a very professional result.

Individual prints start from only £5

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a 3D printed quadcopter by 3DEX

3D printing is the most affordable and precise way to acheieve a high quality model. Whilst a model of a builing made in wood may cost as much as £10,000, a 3D printed model can cost only 1% of that. Furthermore, 3D printing reduces the chances of human error.

By simply using floorplan drawings we can create any building or architectural piece you may require. Whatever the building we will certainly be able to design a model of it. We can then print the model using our 3D printers. We can print it to whatever size you need and out of whatever material you want. Simply get in contact with us to find out how we can help you.