Teaching and Training services

With considerable 3D printing experience, 3DEX is the only company you need to provide 3D printing training and teaching. 3DEX can offer teacher training, pupil training and mentoring in relation to all aspects of 3D printing such as CAD desgin, Printer set up and maintainance and getting the most from your printer.

Complete Flexibility

Whilst the majority of customers want a whole day or half day training programme, we are happy to accomodate whatever requests you may have. Perhaps you want a weekly programme with individual sessions lasting around 1 hour or perhaps you want an intensive weeks training - we are happy to organise anything required.


School Curriculum Teaching

Since 3D printing was added to the UK curriculum in 2013, there has been a need for teachers to learn how 3D printing works and how it is affecting current industry. This is exactly what 3DEX can help with. We can offer school-based teacher training days and/or pupil educational days. During the former, we can train teachers with the require knowledge to then be able to teach about 3D printing. During the pupil eductional days we can teach an intensive but fun, practical-based programme which covers all of the necessary aspects of 3D printing required in the curriculum. 3DEX is completely flexibile with how this is done. Please get in contact for any further information or enquires.

Pricing: Half days from £50 and full days from £100

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