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Welcome to 3DEX

3DEX ltd was started in 2015 by its current owner and managing director, Will Faulkner. Will has considerable experience in 3D printing due to his pervious employment with a large hobby company. 3DEX is based in Suffolk, East Anglia. From here we are best served to supply high quality filament internationally. We also offer 3D design and printing services to individuals, local businesses and schools as well as teaching services. 3DEX specialises in the supply of high quality 3D printing filament at a very reasonable price. Unlike any other company, we offer high quality filament that will print really well but priced at £19.99 per 1kg spool. This makes 3DEX's filament unbeatable. Try some today to find out why. We also specialise in sourcing products such as 3D printers and scanners. We supply top UK businesses and UK universities. If this is something you might be interested in then please get in touch.

Just see what our customers have to say

I'm really enjoying the filament from 3DEX. Trying their aliuminum filament and it looks exactly like metal!
The quality of [3DEX's] filament is immediately noticable. I shall have to buy some more.
This filament is so easy to print with. I haven't had any adhesion issues and the finish of every print is always great.

We love to impress our customers and we would love to impress you. Please get in contact with us if you have any questions or want more information about our business. We are 3D printer enthusiasts and love talking to like-minded people.


We inexpensive postage to England, Wales and Scotland - something very rare amongst 3D printer filament suppliers due to the weight and bulk of 3D printing filament. If you have any further requirements then please get in contact with us. We often ship internationally to countries such as the USA and in Europe. However, due to the ever changing price of international shipping, we do not advertise one price for this. This allows us to get the cheapest price for you. Please contact us to know more


Wholesaling 3D printer filament is something that we currently provide to businesses and universities. If you are interested then please get in contact with us via email.

Getting Started with 3D printing

There are many commendable 3D printers on the market currently and there are always new ones being created every month. 3D printing using filament is quickly becoming a very popular and mainstream hobby. A 3D printer once used to cost many thousands of pounds but now there are printers available for as little as £150. Obviously, an inexpensive printer does not have the same functionality and quality that is offered by the more expensive manufacturers but are still an excellent way to get started. Software is also vital for 3D printing and luckily there is a huge variety of free software available.

In order to 3D print you will require a piece of software called a slicer. It takes a 3D CAD model and cuts it into many layers that the 3D printer can then read and print. The most commonly used slicers are free and offer a comprehensive range of features. Two good slicers to check out is Cura (made by Ultimaker) and Sli3DR. However, if your printer requires a constant connection to a computer then you will require some more software that encompasses a slicer. A popular such software is Repetier-Host.