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Property development and construction companies often require scale models of the developments they are building in order to market and sell the finished development. 3DEX can produce those models for you via 3D printing. Our expertly created and highly detailed marketing models (also known as development models) will make you stand out from your competitors.

Classical model making processes are very expensive, very time-consuming and can often be inaccurate. With 3D printing we can change all of this. We can quickly create any model you require regardless of the complexity. Once complete, we print the model using our state of the art printers. Since this is automated construction it is fast and cheap. Because all of our models are computer designed, our models are exceptionally precise. In fact our models will be ±0.1mm in accuracy.

See below for examples of our work and some more information.

Finished 3D printed development/marketing model

Stunning Accuracy

Left: This is the finished model of a retirement development currently being built in Ripon by Enterprise Retirement Living. 3DEX was commissioned to create this model which actually involves 7 individually printed buildings which are all set on a landscaped base. The landscaping includes grass, hedges, roads, pavements and trees.

Rapid Printing

Right: This is a building being printed on one of our state-of-the-art 3D printers. This took approximately 2 hours of print time which could not be achieved using classical model making techniques and, as you can see, the rapid speed does not compromise the detail. Visible are such details as windows, doors, guttering, brick-work and much more.

3D printed marketing model being printed
3D printed model of wentworth woodhouse

Excellent Value

Left: We are very proud of our model of Wentworth Woodhouse - arguably one of the finest country houses in the world. Our model is the only 3D printable model of this house. We can offer the above sublime accuracy and speed for a fraction of the price of a traditional model. Email us today to find out how we can help you.

Full Fexibility

When designing your marketing model we share with you our progress to ensure that you are always 100% happy. We are also completely flexible and can alter our models according to any changes you might want. Consequently, our models are completely tailored to your requirements and you won't find such a service any where else.

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