Design & 3D print service

We can design and print whatever you want

3DEX can design and 3D print whatever you want for a very reasonable price whilst maintaining high accuracy and detail. We have a computer aided design package that has incredible functionality. This allows us to design whatever your imagination comes up with.

Once designed, we can then print the item for you using one of our state-of-the-art 3D printers. You have complete choice over the definition and speed of the print and you can choose what material we print it out of. Perhaps you need a replacement part or you want to create a prototype of a product - we can certainly help you.

See below for examples of our work and some more information.

Absolutely Anything

Left: These are two prototypes of an E-Cigarette design that 3DEX printed at the start of 2017. The one on the left is printed in Black PLA plastic and the one on the right is printed in Aluminium filament. These are working prototypes that demonstrate how 3D printing can create a ready-to-run design. We are happy to design and print anything for you.

Fully Functioning

Right: This quadcopter was designed and 3D printed by 3DEX. This is a wonderful demonstration of how 3D printed parts are strong and functional. If you are worried that 3D printing might not be able to deliver the results you want then thing again. 3D printing is an excellent way to create a fully functioning design.

Low Cost

You might be thinking that having something custom designed and then 3D printed is going to be expensive but you would be wrong. 3D printing is a cost effective but accurate way to create items. Our prices for 3D printing start at only £50 and our design service prices begin at £100.