How we make our development models

Find out the process we use to create our marketing models. Although the creation of each model is very different, the general principles and stages stay the same.

Each step described below can take a consierable amount of time to complete. The more detailed the desired model, the more time it takes us at the CAD stage. The bigger the finished model has to be, the longer the print time is.

Where possible, we have tried to provide as much information as possible. However, if you require more information please contact us.

designing a building using CAD


The first stage is to create a 3D model of the building in our modelling software. We use computer drawings and images to create the 3D model. In order for it to be 3D printable it must be a "closed model" this means that there cannot be any gaps or holes. If a client of ours has already created a 3D model of their building as part of their design process we can use this either as the final 3D CAD model or use it to create our own model quicker.


The next stage is to load the 3D CAD model into a "slicer". This piece of software is able to convert a 3D CAD model into language that a 3D printer can ready (.gcode). The slicer also configures the printer for this particular model. We can specify what size the model should be; how fast it should print; how much plastic it should use; and many other important features. Once this stage is complete we can send the finished .gcode file to our 3D pritners.

Configuring a printer for printing
marketing model being printed


Now comes the 3D printing stage. We have a number of 3D printers, each with their own pros and cons so we must choose which printer is needed for this task. We then load the desired colour of plastic into the printer. We have a considerable choice of colours and textures. The printing process can take many hours. A large model can take over 15 hours to print.


After the printing process has finished we then "set" the model on a base. That base is often shaped to show a portion of the detail that will surround the real building. For example, we show tarmac, trees, grass, sand, hedges etc on our models. We hope you like the end result and would love help your business with its marketing models. Please contact us!

the finished marketing model on its base