How to print with metal filament

Since metal filaments are usually based on PLA plastic our guide for printing with PLA will also be applicable for metal filaments.

However, metal filament does often require a lot more nozzle temperature than PLA. This can be attributed to the fact that metal filament contains less plastic. If you are struggling to print with a metal filament then upping the nozzle temperature may well help you.

Be careful when printing with metal filaments. Since they contain real metal powder, they can erode your printing nozzle away. Metal filaments can be so abrasive that they widen your printing nozzle especially if it is made with a soft metal such as brass.

When you have finished printing with metal filament you can often polish it just like you would a real piece of metal. Use a metal polish such as Brasso so bring out the shine in the metal particles. Copper and brass filaments give a wonderfully rich shine when lightly polished. When polished be careful not to melt the plastic.