Frequently Asked Questions


Can you print a building in colour?

No. Our 3D printers can only print using one colour of plastic at a time. However, this does not mean that we cannot provide coloured models. We can either print different coloured parts separately or we can paint the model after we have printed it.

How much detail can you include in your model?

This entirely depends on how big you want the model to be. The larger the model the more detail we can include. We can model such details as window frames and ledges; doors, door frames and even door handles; roof over-hanges and chimney pots. A model approximately 150mm x 150mm in size will show the majority of these details.

Can you send samples of your work to us?

Yes. We can send examples of 3D printed buildings to you for free. You can then inspect the model and despose of it at your convenience. We aim to send you a model similar to one you may be interested in commissioning yourself. With extremely large samples we may require a shipping contribution from you.

Can you print the inside of the the buildings?

Yes. If required, our marketing models can include all of the interior details you desire. We can create models that disassemble in order to showcase the insides. We are fully flexible with what we create for you.

Can you use CAD models and drawings that I have created?

Yes. If your CAD package can output a .stl file then we can use this to print. Please note not all .stl files are suitable for printing. If we can print from your .stl files then we can offer our development models for a reduced price.

How much do your marketing models cost?

The price of our models vary depending on the size and complexity of your requirements. However, our prices generally start from only £500 for a 150mm x 150mm model created from your CAD .stl files.

Our marketing models offer...

High Accuracy

Our 3D printers can print to resolutions of 0.01mm. This means that our models are very accurate.

Speed & Convenience

3D printing is faster than traditional model making. The print process often takes a few hours rather than days.

Unbeatable Value

3D printed marketing models are cheaper than traditional models due to high speeds and low material costs.

Contact us if you're interested

If you like what you see and are interested in having a 3D printed marketing model created then please feel free to get in contact with us.

Email us at and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.