Twinkle Filament - Blue

Twinkle Filament - Blue

  • Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Brand: 3DEX

Filament from 3DEX is easy to print with and extremely low warp. Low diameter tollerances and consistent melting tempertures also help to make this an excellent filament. This ensures that all of all of your prints are extra strong and durable. Plus, we offer great value shipping on all of our orders.


Take shiny professionalism to another level with a filament that actually sparkles. This PLA based filament contains glitter flakes that make this print pop under direct light. Set in translucent blue PLA, this filament is sure to add a new dimension to your printing. Do not worry about this filament clogging your nozzle - we have printed over 20kg of twinkle filament without a single clog. This filament will not wear down your nozzle either.

Do not worry if your printer does not have a heated bed as our filament will still adhere to a cold bed but you may need to prime the bed first. This can be done by laying masking tape (or painters tape) on the bed, or alternatively, you can cover the bed in a thin layer of glue (paper glue-stick) or hairspray.

This filament is sold as a 1kg spool and comes packaged in vacuum formed plastic and a cardboard box. To avoid the filament absorbing moisture in the air before it gets to you there are some silicon crystals inside too.

Characteristic Setting/Result
Printing Temperature 190-220
Bed Temperature 0-70
Glass Point 90
Tollerance ±0.03mm