Training and Teaching

We offer 3D printing related training to schools and businesses

With 3D printing on the UK national curriculum there is strong demand amongst schools for 3D print related teaching. 3DEX can offer a range of teaching packages. For example, we can dedicate a one-off day to teaching or we can teach for a set amount each week. We can teach pupils or we can train teachers in how to most effectively teach children about the wonderful world of 3D printing.

3D printing is rapidly becoming popular within a multitude of industries. Businesses are choosing to implement 3D printing within their operations due to its low cost, dynamic potential and ease-of-use. 3DEX can offer a complete 3D printing set-up solution for all businesses. We can source and then set-up 3D printers that satisfy your business' requirements. We can also train your employees or colleagues in how to use and extract the most from your new 3D printer

Training from 3DEX

Full Support

We provide full support for all aspects of 3D printing. We can set-up and troubleshoot 3D printers as well as identify areas of issue.

User friendly

Training and teaching from 3DEX is easy to understand and practice. We back up all of our training/teaching with comprehensive documentation.

Cost Effective

All of our training is cost effective. We are very reasonably priced and insure that you always get exactly what you are paying for.

Inspiring teaching

We are 3D printing enthusiasts and we love to share that. We are certain that our enthusiasm will show clearly through our teaching and training. We love to inspire other people and allow them to enjoy this truly awesome form of technology.