Metal Printer Filament

Metal filament is a type of filament that contains metal particles in order to give it a metallic look. However, metal printing filament is still mostly plastic and therefore prints like plastic. Most commonly PLA plastic is used and therefore this filament has the same characteristics of PLA filament.

For example, metal filament from 3DEX is 30% metal powder and 70% PLA. This is why w recommend printing temperatures that are identical to PLA plastic. If you are ever unsure as to which plastic is used in your metal filament you can usually tell by the advised temperatures. 190-220deg will usually indicate PLA whilst higher temperatures will probably indicate ABS.

Despite only containing 30% metal powder, this is enough to give the filament a wonderful metallic look. The most common metal filaments are copper, aluminium and brass. Print with these filament and you'll notice a difference between these and standard filaments.