PLA Printer Filament

PLA (Polylactic Acid) plastic is easily the most popular 3D printing filament available today. PLA has many characteristics that make it perfect for 3D printing. PLA is made from sugar cane and is therefore very environmentally friendly. It is also biodegradable which cements it as everyones favourite.

PLA does not give of toxic fumes when melting. In fact it gives off a slightly sweet smell. This means that printing in small spaces is perfectly alright.

PLA also does not contract much when cooling down. This means that it is unlikely to warp and you dont need a heated bed on your 3D printing in order to print with it (although it certainly helps).

PLA is an incredibly rigid plastic and because of this it's very strong. PLA can be brittle under stress but needs a lot of pressure in order to actually shatter or fail.

PLA plastic can be modified to be even less likely to warp and to be less brittle. This modified PLA can be more expensive but you'll notice the results.